Alone after a life-long partnership?
Recreate a life full of joy and second firsts

How to truly come back to life after a loss

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Reconfigure Your Life™

Is an investment in you – your happiness for the rest of your life. It is the combined experience of women and men who have known intimate relationships including these most prevalent kinds:

  • Very happy over many years and still continuing or ended in widowhood.
  • Nonviolent, unsatisfying, “we grew apart,” ending in divorce.
  • Violent, physically abusive, often life-threatening, to one adult and the children, who resulted from violent forcible sexual impregnation.
  • Continuing oral abuse without violence of any kind, mixed with acts and statements of love and affection.

Reconfigure your life is shared experience. We are widows, widowers, divorced. We accepted loneliness for a while, then searched; now we know joy, giving, receiving love, tenderness, laughter, intimacy. with a new person, we share living, life, the feel of each other and we want you to know how to also.

We learned the first person we feel a rush with is only a wonderful helper, to choosing “the”  one. Now we share the steps we experienced, the many, many, practical decisions we made with “the” one.

The program has eight sessions, delivered in privacy to your email address. You execute the instructions, view and listen to each session at your own speed, repeat them as you wish, to integrate them into your life. Join us, share, talk with others in the privacy of the Chat Room, where we help everyone and we all help each other, in privacy.

What’s Included?

Session One

Discovering You as You Are Now

Session One helps you to discover yourself as you are now. You are not the same person you were when you began your last intimate relationship. You are not the same person you were when you became a widow/widower. Divorce has affected you in more ways than widowing does. Abuse takes time to heal, even if your physical wounds appear healed. You need to know your own self and state of recovery before moving into a new relationship. Session One does this for you.

Session Two

Your Great Adventure Begins

Session Two  is all about letting the Spirit guide you to the right person. You will be “shopping” in many malls and marketplaces, attracted in varying degrees to many prospects. This session guides you, helps you understand the multitude of things that affected your previous relationships and will play a role in a new one.

Session Three

Getting to know a partner

Session Three  – Faith, Money, Timing, Listening, Four Decisions you must make, Housing, Bedrooms, Laws about relationships, and many more.

Building a relationship, fast or gradual, which is right for you?

Internet dating sites number in the hundreds. The variety is very large. This session guides you, helps you use what you learned in Session One in selecting the dating sites most likely to be useful for you and the Spirit. Then you learn how to use the sites, what to say, what to avoid saying, when to Wink, View, Favorite, and most important, ask why. Learn the practical reasons for honesty when using the dating site, how to stay out of trouble, and avoid scams.

Session Four

Learning about those you’re attracted to

Session Four is key to you understanding the “Why” of what has been covered; you gain perspective about you and your “prospect.” This is the time to learn if the prospect is capable of a relationship or has been abusive in a relationship. The abuse can be physical or verbal. Either way, it will destroy you and any children for life. This is very serious; the tools and methodology in this session have proven almost infallible in clearly confirming what the prospect is capable of. Best of all, it is totally private and never requires you to tell the prospect what you learned.

Session Five

The Fun Begins

Session Five is about the first date, it’s real purpose, how you can make it work to tell you what you need to know, what to ask yourself after the first date and how to proceed to the next step.

The Four Keys to a happy, long term, intimate relationship.

How to fully discuss sex without physically experiencing it.

Sex is the frosting, build the cake first.

Session Six

Let’s Talk About Children

Hers or his, they will affect your relationship forever.
How this happens and what you do is key to your happiness.
It will change with their age.

Session Seven - Let's talk about Romance.

Empowering Romance & Sustainability

Romance between two humans, one with a female brain, the other with a male brain.

In this session we learn the actual physical difference. We also learn which chooses its mate in any successful relationship. We then learn the key to keeping romance strong, vibrant over the years, and how it is accomplished, as each person instinctively responds to the other, honestly, with love.

Session Eight - Sex is the frosting on the cake.

Sex in a New Relationship

Sex is natural. Sex is fun. Sex is clean. Sex is sharing. Sex is the ultimate mutual expression of Love between two people with different brain genders.

Sex Is Beautiful


After this Session know that I want another relationship. Being alone after a happy marriage is not for me. I now know this and what I need to be happy in a relationship again.

– Anonymous

Losing a wonderful husband has left me wondering… He and I had separate, rewarding careers, helping others to be happy and useful. This session has shown me that I will be happy and rewarded continuing my work without a partner. I needed this session to prove this to myself. Thank You.

– Anonymous

Meet Your Coaches

Wesley W. Zimmerman, Seminar Leader

Wes has been successful in leadership, marketing, sales and spiritual positions since youth.  He has been mentor to people worldwide.  Throughout his career of travel and service to others, he enjoyed 62 plus years of romance and love with his first wife “Amy” whose last words to him were “I love you – Thank you” and then four years in an equally wonderful romance with “Glenna”, until she too, passed.  The two of them radiated happiness and love to everyone they met.  This lifetime experience is contained in this seminar.

Colleen Cox, Co Leader

Colleen has been in a wide variety of businesses both large and small, and owned her own successful business for years.  Her goal has always been to help others.  She has been divorced, widowed, and in loving relationships since then.  She has been greatly involved participating in and researching on-line dating.  Her goal here is to help you avoid pitfalls and find the one of your dreams or to just be a better you.

JOIN US NOW You are not alone.

Reconfigure Your Life is a group membership experience.

  • You share your thoughts, experiences, with other members and ask questions of Wes and the folks who created the program, using a Chat “room” open to all members. Your identity is hidden with a name or number you choose; this maintains your total privacy.
  • The eight (8) Reconfigure Your Life Sessions are delivered as you complete them.
  • You receive each session upon completion of the simple comment/evaluation form signaling you are ready for the next session. You complete all eight sessions on your time schedule, usually in ten weeks.
  • You have full Chat room privileges and membership for FIVE years
  • Twelve (12) monthly payments of $7.97.
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